Meet the GRIST-ers!  Here are a few of the companies from the 2017 Season

Krofne Donuts

Australian Red Cross




GRIST is for entrepreneurs, small business owners and community organisations that are considering trading for impact in a way that also reduces (but does not eliminate) their reliance on grants and philanthropy.  GRIST businesses are ‘for purpose’– they have a social business idea (how to make money) that is underpinned by a transformational impact model.   What is transformational? — Its definable, measurable, and attributable to your efforts.  Your impact can social, environmental, economic or cultural.

The Mill House will provide information, support and assistance to help successfully validate and launch your social enterprise concept. You will also have the benefit of networking with our mentors, and other more experienced social entrepreneurs,  providing you with invaluable insight on the journey ahead.

GRIST participants are not excepted to be working full time in their businesses.  It’s Ok if this is still a side hustle.  However, the more time you make to work on your business,  the more you will accelerate during this period.  You will also be more attractive to the social impact investors that work with our program and will select the businesses for REFINE.

At a minimum, GRIST participants need to check in weekly meeting with their mentor and attend a mandatory intensive session in May 2018.

The kind of work we anticipate you will do during a GRIST season includes, but is not limited to:

  • Developing your mission and problem statement based on input from real end-users (people that you intend to help)
  • Articulating your unique value proposition and how it differs from existing solutions
  • Developing initial marketing and sales channels
  • Delivering a minimum viable product or pilot of your business product or services to a real customer
  • Start networking to meet the people who need to be on your Board and management team

“The Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator is an invaluable learning experience for anyone looking to start or expand a social enterprise in the Canberra region. The program was delivered by local experts with international experience in a supportive and encouraging environment.”

Ben DrysdaleREFINE 2017

“The Mill house social enterprise course is excellent. Inspiring, motivating, outside of the box! If you are looking for a course that will teach you how to relate to money and support a social need this course is for you!”

Gabi MonusGRIST 2017

“I was so inspired by the facilitator’s enthusiasm and how open they all were to share their experiences. What a privilege to attend!”

Ros LindseyGRIST 2017

“Important material to be taken in and built on especially for people with no experience in this field. Great, co-operative atmosphere and interesting people to meet in the group with useful information to share.”

Jennifer HumeGRIST 2017