Full Season 2 schedule will be released at the end of March.  Keep checking the Mill House Events Calendar.

The Mill House is about supporting you to work on your business, however, there is also an important education component.   The sessions that are delivered during the Accelerator Program depends on the skills and experience of each participant.  Most sessions are in Q&A style to make the best use of participant’s time.

For those who are still hustling with full or part-time work on top of their social enterprise, we try to make sessions at convenient times.

Where there is content that we think will benefit the entire cohort, we find the best subject matter experts to deliver.  As much as possible, our educations sessions are free for Mill House participants.  We sometimes invite other members of the social enterprise, business or community sector to join us when the topic is relevant.

Some of the topics of our workshops, seminars and clinics include:

  • Business Model Canvas for Social Enterprise
  • Introduction to Program Logic and Impact Evaluation
  • Human-centered design for the Social Entrepreneur
  • Governing Change– Working with a Board of Directors
  • Financial Modeling
  • Project Management for Change Makers
  • Story Telling for Impact
  • The National Disability and Insurance Scheme and Sustainable Social Enterprise Models
  • Special topics: Self-Care and resilience for entrepreneurs, indigenous entrepreneurship, tax essentials for not-for-profits, deductible gift recipients, market research, ACNC/ASIC reporting requirement
  • Crowdfunding 101– planning for the best and most effective campaigns.