Mill House GRIST 2018 Participants

Social Enterprise


GRIST Program

Brief Description

Third Age Matters Bina Brown Enable To provide reassurance and reduce the stress of moving into residential aged care
Cornerstone Care Lisa McCorry Enable Providing face to face help, guidance and advice to access in-home care services.
Cyclabilities Selina Hardwicke Enable

The Cyclabilities program aims to: Equip participants with developmentally appropriate road safety knowledge and understanding Develop participants cycling skills through individual learning programs. Build social skills and connection for families with children with additional needs.

Go Green with Tulgeen Dave Akehurst Enable

“Go Green With Tulgeen” positively impacts the environment and the lives of people living with various levels of ability, help us push the demand for our quality eco-friendly products

Integrated Data and Southern Cross Gateway Peter Stoneley Enable My mission is to provide an affordable and easily usable product that is robust to meet the demands of business yet simple to use so that businesses can digitally transform their businesses (NDIS providers) at their pace.
Mindful Dogs Elysha Rohde Enable Mindful Dogs assists those with mental health concerns, disabilities or the elderly to procure, train and certify assistance service dogs.
CMED (Community Medics) Steve Reiffer Enable Encouragement, promotion and rendering of health services, medical aid and charity for the relief of people and communities in sickness, distress, suffering or danger without distinction of race, ethnicity, class, gender or culture.
Altina Alan Tse Nourish To change young Australians’ relationship with alcohol by providing a sophisticated alternative – a distilled, non-alcoholic spirit; and partnering with a charity that provides support to people to change their drinking behaviour.
Altina Christina Delay Nourish
The Purity Store Stephanie Teagle Nourish All-Natural skincare  brand targetting organic groceries/co-ops, purchased in bulk, minimal packaging
DAANA Indian Cuisine Sunita Kumar Nourish Indian Street Food truck,  staffed by young people with a passion for food
Cookie Joy to the World Mia Thurgate Nourish To provide a way for all Australians to experience home baking and the joy of sharing home-baked cookies with family and friends in a convenient and attractive form.
Canberra City Farm Trish McEwan Nourish Valued add consumer packaged good, sourced and prepared on-site.
The Man’s Best Friend Pet Soap Connie Ng Nourish Help Dogs to help Humanity
Base Soaps Mick Cronin Nourish Base Soaps aims to draw an association between purchasing of everyday products with supporting health and hygiene programs for Australian communities.
S.C.E.N.E Candice Addicoat Sustain Affordable interior design and fit-out using recycled/upcycled materials.   Long-term unemployed work-force.
Signal Creative Caroline Wallace Sustain The mission of Signal Creative is to empower women of all ages to create. innovate, develop and produce highly expressive and original work in music and live performance and also by collaboration with other female artists.
Signal Creative Emma Hoy Sustain
Creative Ventures Limited Fiona Hooton Sustain We will work with creatives to research and produce digital stories that interpret place, revealing hidden narratives such as women’s stories and stories of gay culture
Sports Care Canberra Jeff Boreham Sustain Our mission is to provide young children with an opportunity to engage in a variety of sports after school. Happier and Healthier kids is our core for change.
Art Source Global Jill Bruce Sustain We are also hoping to assist small business such as cafés, restaurants and like places that may wish to use art to attract customers and connect locally
Two Sheds Workshop Jo Saccomani Sustain The mission of Two Sheds Workshop is to address the entrenched gender gap in the building industry by providing community-based women’s and children’s woodworking and carpentry programs.
Space To Be Marika Vrieling Sustain To provide supportive, judgement-free decluttering services to all who need it.
Woke Alexandra Martin Sustain Mission: To unite donators with charities, and facilitate an easy, enjoyable donating experience. Vision: To create a more equal, educated, connected and passionate world.
Solar Bare Vivien Mitchell Sustain SB showcases the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef through its original, vibrant prints. The underlying purpose is to inspire a love for the reef, engaging our community to help protect its future.
Local Power Resilience Danny De Schutter Sustain To deliver clean and reliable clean energy to entire localities in a commercially-viable and equitable way
VT Check Katina Ellis


Our mission is to support the health and wellbeing of frontline workers at risk of developing Vicarious Trauma

VT Check Jennifer Hume Sustain
Simply Tiny Homes Julie Esdaile Sustain To provide opportunities for people on low incomes to access secure, affordable, comfortable and sustainable housing within a supportive community.
Accessible ICT Lisa Sephton Sustain Games development user testing specifically for accessibility
Examine Change Liam Osawa Sustain

The development of a Market Insights software-as-a-service tool that will assist small not-for-profits and social enterprises provide potential partners and social impact investors with compelling data about the size and scope of the problem they are looking to solve.