Our Mission

The Mill House supports both for-profit and not-for-profit social ventures. It enables them to work side-by-side challenging, collaborating, and supporting each other in their mutual aims of sustainable and scalable social change.

Our mission is to grow a high-quality pipeline of investible social ventures in the ACT and surrounding region for corporate, foundation and individual social impact investors.

Can You Really Accelerate Social Impact?

An accelerator program is a concept borrowed from technology start-up incubation and investment. These intensive forms of entrepreneurial education and mentoring are proven to work for traditional technology-enabled start-up companies. However, applying the concept to social ventures comes with risk. That risk is why the Mill House exists. We work hard on your business and your social impact model to reduce the risk for people who want to support the venture.

Also, if the impact model isn’t tested during acceleration, the thing that gets accelerated is an ‘impact fable’ – a story about how things should work. A great business plan will not save a flawed impact model and vice versa.

The Mill House will assist for-purpose entrepreneurs in Canberra and the surrounding region to apply iterative rigour to both their business and social impact models.